Covid-19 Parental Information

Covid-19 Parental Information, February 2022 Update

In line with government guidance and advice, the Bute House Covid guidance for parents has been updated to include:

  • primary-age pupils are not required to take twice weekly tests;
  • we will no longer trace close contacts
  • pupils who have been identified as a close contact should continue to attend school as normal, unless they develop symptoms or receive a positive LFD and/or PCR test result;
  • pupils no longer need to remain in a consistent group (‘bubble’)
  • the government has removed the requirement to wear face coverings, however pupils may wear a mask if they wish to do so.

In addition, pupils are expected to sanitise their hands on arrival at school and also during the school day.

From 24th February 2022, the legal requirement to isolate if you have Covid has been removed.

However, we are still requesting that if your daughter has Covid symptoms or tests positive, you should keep your daughter at home for 5 days and then take two LFD tests on Day 5 and Day 6 (Day 0 is the day symptoms first start or the date of a positive test result if no symptoms).  This is to help minimise the risk of spreading Covid within school. Once your daughter has received two negative lateral flow test results on consecutive days she will be able to return to school.

As per revised government guidelines, children and young people who usually attend an education or childcare setting and who live with someone who has COVID-19 do not need to take daily later flow tests and should continue to attend the setting as normal, unless they develop Covid symptoms and/or test positive on a PCR test.

If you daughter is off school with Covid, she will be provided access to teaching via Google Classroom, but only if she is well enough to participate.

Further information can be found at Guidance What parents and carers need to know about Early Years providers, Schools and Colleges.

COVID Outbreak Management Plan Sept 2021