A Day in Reception by Sophie Price Year 6

If you think Reception children just play all day, think again. It is fun but it is still school. All the girls are in for a great day of learning.  So what is a day in Reception like?

Imagine you’re 4 or 5 and you’re about to begin a day at school. Off you go into a light, spacious room full of activities and games for you to spend your day investigating. You are met at the door with a warm smile and you go to hang up your book bag which contains your homework –reading (I’m sure you all remember Kipper, Biff and Chip) as well as your sound book.  This morning you can go around the different tables like the ‘Crazy Cutting’ or maybe you choose to learn outside under the new covered area.  Through the morning, you get called up to do some guided maths or writing work with the teacher.

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By Miss Comerford, Assistant Head (Academic) with help from the girls in Year 3

Our classrooms are on the ground floor, which is a busy and vibrant part of the school. The classrooms and display boards brim with the products of exciting and engaging learning, from Aztec masks and Fairy Tale inspired newspaper articles, to character descriptions from the story of ‘Anancy and Mr Dry-Bone’ and wonderful art work.

The morning starts with registration, when the girls show how independent they are by unpacking their backpacks and organising their belongings sensibly. Reading books are changed, music lesson timings are checked and the girls have a look at the day’s timetable, reminding themselves of the various lessons they have to look forward to.

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A Bute-a-ful Day at Bute House – A day in the Upper school by Mr Carter, Deputy Head with help from the girls in Year 5

As 8.15 arrives, girls are already waiting to come in carrying things they’ll need for the day:  maybe a tennis racquet, an instrument, a sports bag, or perhaps just a jubilant smile! As a forest of girls in distinctive green jumpers and coats flock into the atrium, their smiles are matched by the Head and the Deputies who greet all the girls at the door. It is a warm and welcoming start to the busy day ahead.

Girls troop to their classrooms where the register is taken and bags are readily unpacked. As the bell sounds, they amble happily off to start their days. Lessons can take them anywhere from outside on the netball courts, to the Music studio, up three flights of stairs.

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