A Bute-a-ful Day at Bute House – A day in the Upper school by Mr Carter, Deputy Head with help from the girls in Year 5

As 8.15 arrives, girls are already waiting to come in carrying things they’ll need for the day:  maybe a tennis racquet, an instrument, a sports bag, or perhaps just a jubilant smile! As a forest of girls in distinctive green jumpers and coats flock into the atrium, their smiles are matched by the Head and the Deputies who greet all the girls at the door. It is a warm and welcoming start to the busy day ahead.

Girls troop to their classrooms where the register is taken and bags are readily unpacked. As the bell sounds, they amble happily off to start their days. Lessons can take them anywhere from outside on the netball courts, to the Music studio, up three flights of stairs.

A sneak-peek through the doors shows that whatever the children are doing, they are working hard at it, from staring wide-eyed at the magic of iron filings in Science, being taught proportion with the help of some tasty smarties in Maths, sawing with vigour in Design Technology or musing over poetry in English. There is such a variety of subjects, but it all comes with the understanding that every girl who comes to Bute House is exceptional in her own way. Her talents may lie in Drama, Music, Sport or something else, but whatever it is, she will be given the opportunity to shine.

Between lessons the corridors are constantly filled with the sound of enthusiastic chatter and as the clock ticks, the girls excitedly progress from classroom to classroom. Each lesson is the right combination: fun whilst learning.

As tummies start to rumble, the children eagerly head to the dining room for lunch. Lunchtimes are a noisy yet very companionable time of day, and are a highlight of the day for many! It is an opportunity for the girls to talk to friends and fill their stomachs with tasty, healthy food – and with four choices there is something everyone enjoys. Everyone gets excited when sunshine tart, a Bute House signature dish, is on the menu!

School life at Bute is lively and whilst lessons may be over by 3.30, the day hasn’t ended for some. Extra-curricular activities continue after school. You may find girls performing in Music concerts, heading to the pool for swimming practice, pointing their toes in ballet, or limbering up for gym.

However, all too quickly, the end of the day arrives and pupils gather in the atrium to say their goodbyes to their teachers and friends, already excited by the prospect of tomorrow.

Bute House is not just a school. It’s a place where a love of learning starts. A place where girls can grow into the young ladies they want to be. A place where skills and talents, whatever they may be, are encouraged and developed.  A place where childhood memories are created.