By Miss Comerford, Assistant Head (Academic) with help from the girls in Year 3

Our classrooms are on the ground floor, which is a busy and vibrant part of the school. The classrooms and display boards brim with the products of exciting and engaging learning, from Aztec masks and Fairy Tale inspired newspaper articles, to character descriptions from the story of ‘Anancy and Mr Dry-Bone’ and wonderful art work.

The morning starts with registration, when the girls show how independent they are by unpacking their backpacks and organising their belongings sensibly. Reading books are changed, music lesson timings are checked and the girls have a look at the day’s timetable, reminding themselves of the various lessons they have to look forward to.

Assemblies take place throughout the week and include singing practice, a Celebration Assembly and at least one Whole School Assembly. There are also special class assemblies and celebrations of significant events or days, such as ‘Chinese New Year’ and ‘Martin Luther King Day’.

During the day, girls move from classroom to classroom depending on which subject they are studying.  Most of the lessons in Year 3 are taught in classrooms by Form Teachers, with specialist subjects taking place in the Drama studio, Art room or the whizzy ICT suite.

Maths and English are taught daily and are always interactive and dynamic. Teachers make excellent use of their interactive whiteboards and the girls love coming up to the front to use them. Reading happens regularly and there are lots of books to choose from in class libraries and on the reading shelves in the corridor.

Playtimes are a source of great enjoyment for the girls. We have a generous playground and plenty of games and resources to play with. The girls are closely supervised during playtimes and are able to tidy up sensibly before the bell goes.

Lunchtime is a sociable and busy affair, with teachers and Year 4 girls serving out delicious and varied meals, which are prepared on site by our wonderful kitchen staff. The girls are encouraged to learn and to use good table manners and to converse politely with each other.

At the end of the day, the girls in Year 3 enjoy the many clubs and activities on offer or return home, eager to come back in the morning and do it all again!