Is pastoral care important at Bute House?

We want our girls to be as happy as they can be and we want to make sure any pastoral problems are sorted out immediately.  We know that children who are happy at school are far more likely to do well. This is why we attach so much importance to their pastoral care.

Is pastoral care important in the school?

At Bute House, each individual child matters, and we take the responsibility of caring for all our children extremely seriously. We firmly believe that a happy child is a productive one and as such we work tirelessly to ensure that there is a nurturing atmosphere in which each child feels secure, happy and positively engaged with the world about them.

Who do we contact if we have a problem?

In the first instance children or parents should contact their child’s Class Teacher but the Assistant Head (Pastoral Care) will be available if necessary.

Who can my child go to if she needs to talk to an adult?

In school we take very seriously our pastoral responsibilities in safe- guarding the children in our care. Children are reminded ear of the key staff members in school to whom they can go if they need someone to talk to. Mrs Claire Fildes is our Designated Safeguarding Person for Child Protection and Miss Comerford is her Deputy.

What are pupils involved in the life of the school?

Our School Council plays an active and integral part in our pastoral care activities. The council comprises one member from each Year 6 class. They are voted onto the council for a term at a time. The School Council meets every half term to discuss issues that affect the pupils and the life of the school. The School Council provides the pupils with a voice and with the opportunity to take responsibility and to contribute to decisions about aspects of school life that directly affect pupils. Recommendations and ideas from the council are fed by Mr Carter (who sits on the Council) to the Head.

Who are the Bute Buddies?

This is a playground peer support programme organised by Mrs Claire Fildes. Bute Buddies are pupils from Year 6 who volunteer to give a little bit of their time each week to help others at playtimes.  The aim is to give some of the older girls in the school a sense of responsibility and to involve them in helping to resolve problems as well as to prevent such problems occurring in the first place.

Are there particular pressures and how are they responded to?

In Year 6, as well as having a form teacher the girls’ are allocated a tutor. Each tutor will have approximately four girls as their tutees. The tutors prepare the girls for their interviews. Throughout the year, Year 6 pupils need support and guidance. They might well seek out their tutor to discuss social issues.