Homework is important because it is the intersection between home and school. It serves as a window through which you can observe and express positive attitudes towards your daughter’s education. It is also an important element in helping us to determine whether a pupil is keeping up with a topic and has understood concepts taught in class. However, this is all carefully balanced with the understanding that children also need time to follow other interests, read, play and relax.


  1. Homework should be a fundamental part of our home/school partnership
  2. Homework should play a part in raising pupil achievement by being:
    • Specific and differentiated for students at different ages;
    • Appropriate for the level of ability that the pupil is working at;
  3. Homework should provide a means for pupils:
    • To consolidate and reinforce what is learnt in the classroom and where appropriate extend this
    • To become independent and curious learners;
    • To develop good study habits;
    • To develop skills in personal organisation and self-discipline