Alice Thomson

Alice Thomson is Associate Editor, columnist and interviewer at The Times. She has been a journalist for thirty years. As a foreign correspondent she covered the revolutions in Eastern Europe, genocide in Rwanda, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and their aftermath.

She has interviewed every British prime minister since Thatcher, athletes, dancers, writers, and numerous spiritual leaders including the Dalai Lama twice. In addition to working on the Times and Telegraph she has contributed to numerous other publications around the world, and appears regularly on television and radio. Alice has a deep and abiding interest in education issues, and has written about the twists and turns of policy in this area for twenty years. She has four children, two at university and two at school. Her daughter attended Bute House, as did she. She is the author of a best selling book, The Singing Line, about her ancestor who built the telegraph line across the centre of Australia in the 19th century.

Alice lives in London and Devon with a husband, children, several ponies, some chickens, 50,000 bees and a dog.