Drama is taught across the school by a specialist teacher. All pupils attend one lesson per week as part of the curriculum and there is plenty of opportunity for those with a real interest in the subject to attend drama clubs. The emphasis is on the three aspects of making, performing and responding to drama. Within the lessons the development of the child's personal, social, creative and communicative skills is encouraged. All pupils appear in a production each year and have plenty of other opportunities to display their performance skills, for example through class assemblies and concerts. Drama forms an integral part of school life and is not only seen as an important cross-curricular element but as a subject in its own right.

Dance is taught throughout the school by a specialist teacher. Girls in Reception and Years 1 and 2 receive one lesson per week as part of their curriculum. In Years 3 to 6, pupils receive one lesson per week for one term of the year. The aim of the dance classes is to encourage spatial awareness, to gain an understanding of rhythm and co-ordination and to develop physicality in response to different stimuli such as music, mood and situation. During their time at Bute House, pupils will look at different forms of dance including classical, folk and jazz, as well as learning about dances from various countries in the world. For those with a specific interest in dance, both clubs and extra tuition are available in various forms of dance, including ballet and tap, which are taught by a specialist school of dance after school on our premises.