This is an important part of the curriculum. A carefully planned programme, which includes a multi-faith element, is taught to every girl. We aim to teach a wide range of concepts, skills and attitudes, which encourage children to ask searching questions and to develop open and tolerant minds. We encourage the pupils to gain self-understanding, to explore relationships with others and to consider the place of the individual within the local community and the wider world. This is achieved in classroom-based lessons as well as through whole-school activities and assemblies.

01At all stages in the school the pupils study four of the world's major religions - Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism - through topic-based activities ranging from Creation stories, to Leaders, Pilgrimage and Holy Texts. We highlight the similarities between religions rather than the differences so that the children are first able to relate to and understand them better and then reflect on their own beliefs. People representing these religions visit school to lead assemblies and to hold various workshops and a range of festivals and events of the Christian, Hindu, Islamic, and Judaic faiths are acknowledged.Visits to places of worship are arranged during the child's time at the school.