Start your Bute Journey

Letting go of little hands at the school gates and trusting that your child will flourish in the school that you have chosen for her is one of the biggest decisions that you will make as parents. Choosing the right school for your child is not an easy decision, and it is one which requires close consideration. Our website is a starting point and I hope you will read the information closely and watch the videos to understand who we are as a school and what we can offer your daughter.


The Bute way...

Welcome to Bute House, a dynamic, exciting, rounded and rigorous environment in which girls flourish and thrive and, most importantly, have a great deal of fun.  We wrap this up in a pastoral blanket of care and support; these children are being educated to work in a world which, in some ways, we cannot imagine yet.

School Life at Bute

The best way to find out what a typical day at Bute is from the girls themselves. Take a look at the testimonials from girls across the school to give you a picture of what a typical day in Lower, Middle, and Upper School.

Why choose Bute?

Pastoral Care

Our commitment is to ensure that the pastoral care of the girls is as valued as their academic progress.

Bute Highlights

posted: 03 Dec 2021

After much anticipation, on Wednesday evening, we were delighted to hold our Christmas Celebration at St Paul’s Church, Hammersmith. The...

Bute Highlights

posted: 03 Dec 2021

Mrs Hernandez is very proud and impressed with her Year 5 and 6 Wednesday creative clubbers. They have worked so...

Bute Highlights

posted: 05 Sep 2021

Year 3 have been thinking about qualities that make a ‘Maths Person’. 3G "A Maths person is someone who enjoys...