Code Of Conduct

The Pupils have written their own Code of Conduct, which is printed in their diaries and is used to remind them of the expectations at Bute House. 

  • Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  • No form of bullying is tolerated at Bute House. Tell an adult if something is wrong.
  • Share your worries with someone you trust.
  • Always think about others and include everyone in your activities.
  • Be polite, behave sensibly and co-operatively. Keep your uniform tidy.
  • Respect others, their property and everything in our school.
  • Remember you are responsible for your own actions and words so think before you act.
  • Be a good sport, happy for other people’s achievements whilst not gloating over your own. Cheer for everyone.
  • Always try your hardest and make the most of every moment.
  • Take pride in everything you do.
  • Listen carefully to each other as well as to teachers.
  • Remember, change is not always for the worst.
  • Respect diversity and other peoples’ differences.
  • Spread happiness, not rumours.
  • Adopt the British values of democracy, individual liberty, mutual tolerance and freedom of speech.