2 girls enjoying the garden


As the girls at Bute are often reminded, our hope is that one day they will grow up to become the women who will change our world for the better. In the teaching of History, our aim is to help the girls make sense of the society in which they now live by understanding and interpreting the past. We encourage the girls to make connections between past events and people and to recognise how they have shaped the world around us. 

To help arouse an interest in the subject, each unit is approached through a series of enquiry based questions. For example, Roman Britain is framed around the question ‘What did the Romans ever do for us?’ We study a range of topics, including The Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages, Ancient Egypt, the Mayans, Roman Britain, Saxons, Vikings, Tudors, Victorians and Britain during and after World War II.

To supplement our work at school, we have a wide range of workshops and visits which range from visits to local buildings, where we learn about how our immediate area has changed over time, to our Year 5 residential trip to York to learn about the Vikings.

‘If you don’t know where you come from, it’s difficult to determine where you are.  It’s even more difficult to plan where you are going.’

Joseph Lowery, American Civil Rights Activist