Performing Arts


Dance is taught throughout the school by a specialist teacher. Students develop their confidence and creativity in dance through a focus on posture and poise, movement memory, spatial awareness and rhythm. They also develop an appreciation of dance by learning about a wide variety of styles, including jazz, country dancing, line dancing, ballroom and ballet. For students who wish to take dance further, there are extracurricular dance clubs such as Musical Theatre and Tap.


In Drama, students develop their social, creative and communicative skills by engaging in practical activities and group performances. Drama is taught across the school by a specialist teacher and an emphasis is placed on the three aspects of making, performing and responding to drama. All students appear in a show each year, as well as performing in assemblies and at other school events. Girls at Bute with a keen interest in drama can attend extracurricular activities, such as Storytelling Club, Junior Playwrights and LAMDA.


In Music, the students develop a love for singing, listening to, composing, playing and creating music. We recognise that every girl has a unique relationship with music and we provide a large range of opportunities for developing individual interests. As well as twice-weekly Music lessons throughout the school, there are choirs, weekly singing assemblies, and a school orchestra. Music concerts are held every term for ensembles and choirs, and there is a series of regular solo concerts and Music Teas.

Extracurricular music is actively supported and integrated into school life. Individual music tuition, ensemble groups in many different instruments and musical genres, theory classes, and support and preparation for ABRSM examinations are all available by request. Our facilities are maintained to a high standard to enhance enjoyment and learning in our lively and welcoming department.

“Performance art is about joy, about making something that’s so full of a kind of wild joy that you really can’t put into words.” 

Laurie Anderson, Artist, Composer, Musician and Film Director