Senior School Results

11+ Results

The presentation of 11+ results which indicate trends reflects the consistently outstanding performance of the girls at Bute House.

At Bute House, we believe that a simple table of offers and acceptances encourages a competitive culture where some schools are deemed ‘better’ or more ‘worthy’ than others.  This is in direct contrast to our ethos of every girl running her own best race and going to the senior school which is right for her.  In addition, a girl may feel they have not achieved, or are in some way less successful than others, if she is the only one going to a school, in particular if that school is less well known.  We are proud of all the girls and their excellent results; therefore, this way of representing what we do serves our purpose more appropriately.

The parents of pupils at Bute House view the 11+ results on our parents’ area of the website; they know the girls and they are able to view these in a meaningful context.  For prospective parents, we ask that you look at Bute House as a whole.  Year on year, results vary but overall, we send more pupils than any other prep school in London to the most academic schools.  However, this information tells of only a very small part of what we do at Bute House. 

It is vital that parents who are considering Bute House for their daughter truly understand and feel comfortable with our non-competitive academic ethos.  This ethos, which been in place since the School was founded, means that we ask parents to trust us and, we believe, given our results, they should feel confident to do so. 

Any prospective parent will visit us for an Open Day and meet with the Head or a member of the School Leadership team before any offer is made to their daughter.  We believe this is the better opportunity to discuss 11+ results in more depth, should parents wish to do so.

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