Pastoral Care

Class Teachers take on the primary responsibility of getting to know the girls in their forms both individually and as a group, and to notice and deal with any individual or group worries or issues that may arise.

In practice, the size of the school means that the girls will be known well by many members of staff.  We provide an ordered, secure and supportive environment where girls know to whom they can turn should they need to do so.

Our commitment to ensuring that the pastoral care of the girls is as valued as their academic progress. We have a Pastoral Assistant Head, as well as an Academic Assistant Head.  The Pastoral Assistant Head and Designated Safeguarding Lead, is Mrs Claire Fildes. She ensures that the policies and procedures for Pastoral Care are in place and is always available should parents or girls wish to see her.  

The pastoral care of the girls is uppermost and all staff are committed to ensuring that every girl is looked after and that any concerns she may have are addressed.