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Pastoral Care

We know that in order for children to be available for learning and make the most of their time at school, they need to feel calm, comfortable and supported. This is why, when it comes to our school-wide aims, the pastoral care of pupils is our utmost priority. 

Our pastoral support model is designed to meet the needs of all pupils by looking at what is necessary to support all children, some children, and a handful of children. This structure also allows us to capitalise on the strong pastoral support skills of our whole staff without escalating to the highest level of support each time (e.g. 1:1 sessions with the school counsellor). Form Teachers take on the primary responsibility of getting to know the children in their forms both individually and as a group, and to notice and support any individual or group worries or issues that may arise. In instances where further support may be needed, Form Teachers work with Ellen Yap, Head of Pastoral Care and DDSL, to design additional, individualised provision. 

In all, we aim to provide an ordered, secure and supportive environment where children know to whom they can turn should they need to do so. Through whole school behaviour focuses, Wellbeing and Connections and Reflections (C&R) lessons, and small group or 1:1 individualised provision, the pupils are given clear tools and strategies to be calm, happy and confident learners and friends. All staff are committed to ensuring that every child is looked after and that any concerns they may have are comprehensively addressed.