There is Music Inside All of You

Extra Curriculum

We are very lucky to have such wonderful facilities and space at Bute House as this enables us to provide plenty of opportunity for extra-curricular activities.  This is something we think is extremely important, so that the girls can develop skills and knowledge across a wide range of activities, enhancing the broad and balanced curriculum of which we are also very proud.

There are numerous clubs and activities and girls are encouraged to participate as much as possible, though we do monitor this in case a girl is over stretching herself, especially during Years 5 and 6.  However, Bute House girls tend to love having a go at everything so the extra-curricular opportunities are very popular indeed.

Physical Education is a key element of our extra-curricular provision. The girls love accomplishing new skills and experiencing team competition. The clubs are fun and are as active as possible, so that the girls are challenged and enjoy what they are doing.

A wide selection of sports clubs is offered at Bute House and these include: ballet, tap, netball, gymnastics, football, cricket, dance aerobics, karate tennis, swimming, cross country, street dance and athletics

Additionally, team practices run in: netball, tennis, swimming, football, cross country, athletics and gymnastics. There are regular sports fixtures against local schools, and Bute also participates in tournaments at local and national level. In netball and gymnastics, we regularly qualify for the IAPS national finals; in swimming, we have produced several National Champions.

The clubs and team practices give girls opportunities to try new sports and activities to widen their experiences and horizons. The competitive sports and the national competitions give the most talented girls the challenge and opportunity to compete at a high level. All clubs and practices encourage the learning of new skills, healthy life styles and a love of sport. The emphasis is always on girls taking part in a variety of activities, to work hard, improve their skills and fitness and above all to have fun! If their experiences at Bute are positive ones then they will want to continue their sports out of school so that it becomes an essential part of their lives.