2 girls playing the drums

ABRSM Bookings

About the exam

ABRSM exams comprise a number of pieces, scales, sight reading and an aural exam. Further information about ABRSM can be found at www.abrsm.org.


Fees payable are an ABRSM exam fee, school administration fee, aural class and accompanist fee (if required). For Bute House candidates these will be added to your school bill.

Deciding to take an exam

Pupils are encouraged to take ABRSM exams as their progress allows and as recommended by instrumental teachers. There is no rule requiring an exam to be taken every year, particularly as over-emphasis on exam achievement can be detrimental to progress. If you are interested in the possibility of entering your daughter for an exam, please discuss this with her instrumental teacher first.

Exam dates and deadlines

ABRSM Music Exams take place at Bute House towards the end of each term. Entry deadlines are at the start of each term and will be announced via email and on the Music Department noticeboard.

After the exam

Certificates and marksheets are usually received in the holidays after the exams. Our instrumental teachers will share the certificates and marksheets with the child. Marks are not distributed via email. We will celebrate the results in our whole school assembly.