girls in class

Learning Enrichment

At Bute House, we are committed to enabling each child to reach their full learning potential, both academically and personally. The Learning Enrichment Department (LED) plays a central role in achieving this goal by providing additional enrichment opportunities for children throughout the school. 

Learning Enrichment is led by experienced specialist teachers and takes place either in or out of class, depending on the needs of individual girls. LED teachers support students who need additional input and extend the learning of exceptionally able girls requiring a challenge. The Learning Enrichment Department also offers a range of handwriting, touch typing, reading, writing and Maths clubs to further support children who are experiencing difficulty with a particular aspect of their learning. 

It is important for parents to trust the school’s judgement, as decisions about support or extension are always made in the best interests of the child. Parents are informed if a student needs an Individual Support Plan (ISP), which means work that is different from the rest of the class is required in a particular area. Most girls, however, follow the same programme of study as the class but may need some extra help, or the opportunity to explore it differently.

Parents should be aware that the school is a mainstream setting with some specialist Special Educational Needs (SEN) resources. All staff use their professional skill and experience to identify and provide for SEN, and further support is offered through the Learning Enrichment Department. If we feel that more specialist advice is required, we will discuss this with a child’s parents and will ask them to pay for such advice. If special educational provision is required which goes beyond the school’s ordinary mainstream resources we expect the parents to pay for it or provide it themselves.

If, in the judgement of the Head, Bute House cannot provide for a pupil’s SEN after all relevant provision has been made, the School reserves the right to ask the parent to withdraw their child. This would only arise after lengthy discussion with the parents and the School would give its full support to help find a suitable school for the child.