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Years 5 and 6 (Upper KS2)

The Upper School comprises Years 5 and 6

As the girls move into the Upper School they are taught by specialist teachers for all subjects.

During the Spring term of Year 5, the girls begin to experience more formal assessments in preparation for Year 6. In Year 6, the focus in the Autumn term is on preparation for the 11+ examinations, which take place in January. The Year 6 team carefully prepare the girls for the forthcoming examinations. The staff work hard to ensure that the happy, supportive and caring atmosphere which is central to the ethos of the School continues, despite external pressures. All parents meet with the Head during the Autumn term of Year 6 to discuss future schools. Each girl is assigned to another member of staff who offers additional support for the girls at that stage.

Once the examinations are over, the girls continue to enjoy a very full curriculum; the final two terms of Year 6 are very important academically, as secondary schools expect the girls to have continued to develop beyond the level they reached in their entrance examinations. The girls also enjoy lots of fun days out and other activities so that by the end of the year; the 11+ examinations are a distant memory!

Throughout Year 6, the girls are given opportunities to take on more responsibility such as being on the School Council and prepare themselves in every way for the next step in their education.