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Benefits of applying for a scholarship

Applying for a scholarship can have many benefits, irrespective of whether an award is made. It supports the general application to a school, and shows your daughter is a capable, diligent student, pursuing her interests with determination and success. It will make your daughter known to the music department, should she then attend the school. It will focus her musical studies, and help to lift her to the level of a music scholar in terms of performance and preparation.

Making an application

An application does require a substantial commitment, alongside academic studies. Pieces must be prepared to a high performance standard, which will require mock performances, extra practice and lessons. Regular times need to be set aside for preparation for supplementary aural tests and for preparation for dealing with the psychological pressure on the day. Also there is a non-trivial amount of administration to be done by parents to collect references, fill in forms and co-ordinate the preparation, on top of the usual enforcement of regular practice and study.

Support from Bute House

Bute House will support any girl applying for a music scholarship, and we aim to make it a positive learning experience. Emphasis is placed on delivering a credible audition to the highest possible standard. Our aim is to use an application to encourage girls to reach high standards of performance for any occasion. It is worth bearing in mind that the chances of success are very slim, even for the best players. The criteria for awards are variable, can change from year to year and depend on individual schools and audition panels. Girls should understand that if an award is not made, this is not a sign of failure in her playing or standard of performance.

Bute House Music Dept aims to support your daughter’s application with the following:

  • Advice on whether to apply for a music scholarship
  • Monthly aural classes from April – December focusing on the types of aural questions likely to come up in scholarship interviews rather than ABRSM style aural questions
  • Interview preparation and mock auditions from October – December
  • The opportunity to run repertoire with a pianist at school prior to your audition
  • Advice on preparation, music selection and finding suitable accompanists to rehearse with and play during the audition if necessary
  • Printed and signed copies of references from the Director of Music for insertion into your applications


The Performing Arts Dept likes to be aware of your daughter’s activity and progress outside of school. Please do use the appropriate link below to let us know how things are going.


A wide variety of instrumental tuition and ensembles are available from Year 1.

Please note for individual instrumental tuition:

  • Instrumental tuition in one instrument is available at Bute House subject to approval by the Director of Music, Form Teacher and Head of Phase. Additional instruments require further approval.
  • For girls in Year 1 and 2, tuition is only available on an exceptional basis.
  • Learning an instrument at home does not preclude a girl from participating in all music activities at Bute. We do support the learning of instruments outside of school – all girls can access the exam support and performance opportunities for instrumentalists and singers.
  • Children will be withdrawn from classes and break times on a rotational basis. Please be aware that a child will, therefore, miss academic lessons.
  • Learning an instrument requires commitment and dedication to achieve consistent progress. Regular practice at home, lightly supervised, is essential.
  • Stopping music lessons requires written notice in advance to the peripatetic teacher concerned, as set out in the contract. Please ensure you carefully read your contract with your teacher before signing.

Please note for groups and ensembles:

  • We encourage all girls to join the wide variety of music groups available.
  • Girls learning instruments outside of school are welcome to join groups.
  • Groups take place in break times, before and after school. More information is available in the Music Corridor, online or by request.

Please go to this form to make a request to start instrumental lessons or to join a group.