Case Study 1: Weekend Programmes

The building is open on weekends and hosts an enriching programme of activities delivered by specialised providers including art workshops, gymnastics, music classes and much more.

“We are delighted to be working with Bute House, and as a community interest company (Kite Art CIC) this partnership and support from Bute House gives us the chance to extend the creative projects we deliver. As the project on Saturday grows we are seeing the positive impact this course has on both the children and staff. We look forward to developing further initiatives that will really boost the creative arts and opportunities in the borough for all children.” Auriol Hereford, Kite Studios


Case Study 2: Music Workshops

In 2015-2016 Bute House Explore worked with over 1000 children, across a wide range of topics and programmes. In 2016-17 we plan to work with over 2000 children. We have a broad range of programmes to give access to great musical experiences to all children, but also to help and support talented children to develop their skills further.

“As a headteacher, there is no prouder moment than seeing your children perform after months of hard work and rehearsals. To see them feeling so proud, worthwhile and with increased self-esteem is fantastic. Performing in the concerts both at Bute House and the Hammersmith Town Hall were fabulous learning opportunities for the children.” Robina Maher, Headteacher at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School


Case Study 3: Hammersmith Gym Club

Hammersmith Gym Club started in September 2009 with twenty five children. Bute House provided financial and logistical support to get the club up and running. There are now thirteen one-hour classes a week; seven on a Saturday, five on a Sunday and one on Tuesday evening. 400 children from schools in the local area attend the club, aged from 4 years to 14 years. Hammersmith Gym Club employs 6 coaching staff and former pupils from Bute House have also assisted with coaching at the club. Hammersmith Gym Club has use of all the Bute House gym equipment.


Case Study 4: Choir Festival & Orchestra Days

“Thank you so much for your hard work in making it happen, getting together so many schools. The children clearly loved the experience so much, huge smiles accompanying the energetic dancing and singing. Joy!”

Parent of child in the Bute Choir Festival 2015

Building on the success of Bute Choir Festival we developed the Sing Together! programme through which we run choirs for Years 1 and 2 in 4 local schools. In 2016, 220 children performed at our first Sing Together! Choir Festival. 8 schools are participating in the second year of our Samba workshop programme. We are now also hosting three Orchestra Days per year with the opportunity for 60 children to join in each workshop, working with professional musicians to devise their own entirely new orchestral compositions.

“It was wonderful for the children to realise music is not only playing written music, but a creativity of making music together using all the elements of music” Teacher, Addison Primary School on Orchestra Day 2016