The House Committee is the name of our parents’ association and is made up of parent representatives from each of the different classes (Class Reps), along with a core committee comprising a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Charities Coordinator; this core committee serves for two years.  The House Committee organises many fundraising and social activities for the school community, as well as supporting charities.  Class Reps also arrange coffee mornings out of school, help with the sale of second hand uniform and with the sale of Bute House merchandise.

The House Committee organises regular annual events for the girls; the Christmas Fair and Summer Fair are real highlights in the school calendar.  In addition, the committee arranges other events such as fund raising galas.  In recent years, these spectacular galas have raised considerable sums for the Bute House Bursary Scheme.  The Supper Party Committee is a sub section of the House Committee and does a tremendous job of organising termly Supper Parties.  This is an opportunity for parents and staff come together to enjoy supper in a relaxed environment, giving everyone a chance to get to know each other better.  

The whole staff team at Bute House are enormously grateful to the House Committee for all that they do for the School.  Each year, the Head and her School Leadership Team hold a coffee morning and an evening drinks reception for the members of the House Committee, to thank them for all their hard work.

Becoming a member of the House Committee is a fantastic way to get to know people at the school and to get involved; the girls whose parents are involved are often very proud of this fact.  Working parents are also very much encouraged to participate and many do; it is always possible to work around parents’ professional commitments as the Head is very keen for working parents to feel a part of everything.

The House Committee communicates with parents via Classlist, an online parent tool.   All parents are invited to sign up when joining the school.  This site allows you to communicate with your class, year and Class Reps.  Should you wish to contact a member of the House Committee please go to ‘school profile’ on Classlist and select the HC member you wish to get in touch with.  The current Chair of the House Committee is Mrs Daisy Spread and she will always be happy to hear from you.

Being a member of the House Committee is great fun and very much appreciated, so please do consider getting involved.