Is pastoral care important at Bute House?

We want our girls to be as happy as they can be and we want to make sure any pastoral problems are sorted out immediately.  We know that children who are happy at school are far more likely to do well. This is why we attach so much importance to their pastoral care.

Is pastoral care important in the school?

At Bute House, each individual child matters, and we take the responsibility of caring for all our children extremely seriously. We firmly believe that a happy child is a productive one and as such we work tirelessly to ensure that there is a nurturing atmosphere in which each child feels secure, happy and positively engaged with the world about them.

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7+ Admissions

Are there any practice papers available?

There are no practice papers available.  Children who have covered the usual curriculum for Key Stage 1 and are performing well will be prepared for the papers.

Will my daughter be prepared for Bute/the assessment having been at a state school?

Yes, absolutely.  We allow for differences between all different types of schools and encourage applications from state primary schools.

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