Food is a very important part of life at Bute House! The aim of our Catering Department is to provide good, nutritious and tasty home-cooked food. Using fresh ingredients and making all our meals on site ensures that we know exactly what is in the food we serve at lunchtime. We want our food to look and taste good and to appeal to young children, not to be full of additives, fat and extra salt.

We want the girls at Bute House to enjoy and look forward to lunchtime. Lunch is one of the highlights of the day due to our professional chef and her team and it is very encouraging to feel that, whilst here at Bute House and when they leave the school, the girls will have good and positive memories and attitudes about food and school meals.

At lunchtimes – the Lower School has lunch together at 11.50 am followed by the Upper School at 12.55 am - the girls sit at tables of ten, say grace and are served by an adult or an older girl. They learn table manners and are encouraged to eat a good meal and try new things. They then help to clear and wipe the tables and, in the case of those going to Lower School lunch, lay the tables for the next sitting. The staff at Bute House also enjoy a school lunch every day and sit in the Hall at a staff table to eat their lunch. The members of staff are excellent role models for the girls, eating their lunch and enjoying conversations with other staff thus reinforcing for the girls that mealtimes are social times.

The children choose from a menu with four options available every day. It is good to see that the children, when choosing from the menu items, are willing to try new tastes, love homemade soups and smoothies, eat salad with enthusiasm and, although there are clear favourites like macaroni cheese and chicken pie, other dishes are becoming more popular as time goes on. Spaghetti bolognese is now one of the top choices, as are curries and meatballs with noodles.

The children's Food Council meets the chef and Deputy Head regularly to discuss options and new ideas.

There is no doubt that life at Bute House is very busy indeed and so a good meal at lunchtime is vital and we are delighted that the children enjoy their food so much.