11+ Results

Our presentation of 11+ results reflects the consistently outstanding performance of the girls at Bute House.

Our view is that a simple table of offers and acceptances, as presented previously and with which we have long felt uncomfortable, encourages a competitive culture where some schools are deemed ‘better’ or more ‘worthy’ than others.  This is in direct contrast to our ethos of every girl running her own best race and going to the senior school which is right for her.  In addition, a girl may feel they have not achieved, or are in some way less successful than others, if she is the only one going to a school, in particular if that school is less well known.  We are proud of all the girls and their excellent results; therefore, this way of representing what we do serves our purpose more appropriately.

Finally, parents who seek a school where the end result at 11+ is the most important aspect when making a choice of prep school, or where these parents deem a prep school successful or not on the basis of the number moving on to any particular school, will not be sympathetic to our non-competitive academic ethos.  The representation of results here will appeal to parents who understand our aims and ethos thoroughly.

Any prospective parent will visit for an Open Day and meet with the Head before any offer is made to their daughter.  We believe this is the better opportunity to discuss 11+ results in more depth directly with the Head, should they wish to do so.

On the different tabs, you will find:

  • Senior School destination graphs, divided into two three year periods (2014 – 2016 and 2017 – 2019).
  • Scholarships and Awards offered to Bute House girls in 2017-2019
  • A list of the schools the girls move on to, with links to those schools for ease of reference.