A Day in Lower School

It is not an exaggeration to say that our younger pupils often skip into Bute House with big smiles on their faces. Our belief that play underpins learning at this stage of education is visible throughout the Lower School. We believe that the best way for girls to learn is to pique their natural curiosity with stimulating and creative activities.

The tables in Reception are always ready to tempt the girls into exploring something new; engaging young scientific minds or inspiring imaginations from the moment they enter the classroom. The model of continuous provision carries on until the Spring Term of Year 1.  It is a gentle and well crafted transition into more formal, whole class lesson delivery which becomes firmly established by the end of Year 2. We are proud to have a unique space for our youngest pupils, including their own outdoor space and they can be found exploring the trim trail or dressing up for role plays during the three break times during the school day.

An action packed day may include specialist Dance, Music, Drama, PE, Computing, Art or Language lessons, in amongst the core curriculum subjects taught by a dedicated team of teachers. Most girls will experience small group work each day with a range of friendly and familiar professionals, committed to making each day at Bute one in which they will learn something new and have a lot of fun.