"I like art because it’s so relaxing and we get to do so many different projects. It expands your imagination. It’s always like a special treat. I always look forward to it. There’s no right or wrong way to do things."

Art provides the freedom for children to explore their creativity and imagination, without the pressures that are imposed in some other curriculum subjects – it is the process of making art which is so important, and not always the outcome. In Art, children are encouraged to be curious about what they can do with materials; they are able to create, challenge themselves and explore. Children gain confidence from this and a sense of fulfilment, which helps them in later life. It helps them across the curriculum and throughout their life. And of course an appreciation and love of art is so important in understanding our culture and other cultures from around the world. Young children are naturally creative, they really enjoy making art and it is so important that this creativity is cherished and nurtured from an early age.



 Philip Vessey   Head of Art & Design