Computing integrates the fundamental strands of Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy. These exciting and progressive units enrich pupils’ educational experiences; empowering the children to actively and confidently participate within the modern technological world. All the children, from Reception to Year Six, learn to understand and apply fundamental principles and concepts of computer science and analyse problems in computational terms. As motivated and competent users of information and communication technology, the girls develop the skills to critically evaluate and apply their computing awareness.

The inspiring Computing curriculum promotes interaction with a range of hardware and software tools. The wide range of software applications promotes computational thinking and enables the children to use algorithms as well as providing a vast scope of screen-based programming tools and programmable toy development opportunities. The children also learn to code and control physical systems interfaces. Specific Computing units include: creating eBooks, editing digital images and video, developing computer games, programming animations, generating blogs and apps, producing digital music, editing and writing html, recording data and analysing results and using computational thinking to debug programs.

E-Safety is embedded throughout all learning opportunities to ensure that the children continuously use the technology safely, respectfully and responsibly. These Computing opportunities equip all of the children with essential skills for their future!