The aim of the English Department at Bute House is to ensure the best possible foundation in English and to instil a love of literature and of words. Ludwig Wittgenstein, a philosopher once said: ‘The limits of my language are the limits of my world’ –thus we try to ensure that through the teaching of English the world becomes an exciting place for our girls.

Language skills are developed from one year to the next, building on what has already been taught. At all times the emphasis is on being able to communicate effectively through both the spoken and the written word. Girls are encouraged to speak with confidence before an audience and to write appropriately, using good grammatical constructions and exciting vocabulary. A love of reading is seen as vital to learning. Our girls read and explore literature in all its forms - fiction, non-fiction and poetry, and share their experiences with others through discussion and debate. We have a fully stocked library and two enthusiastic librarians who are always willing to support the girls in their choice of books.

Regular unobtrusive assessments are used to inform teaching and to help set targets for all girls, enabling them to move forward in their literary skills. Every girl is supported to reach her potential, while being inspired and excited about reveling in the wonder of words.