"When I think of Maths, I think of problem solving which I really enjoy.  I love the feeling when you finally get the answer to a question you have been working on for ages." 

At Bute House, we believe that all the girls are capable of learning Maths to high levels.  Children begin life with a sense of curiosity and wonder about the maths around them and we want to continue that journey of creativity and making sense. We endeavour to provoke thought, curiosity and enjoyment through the use of investigative activities using concrete materials wherever possible. This helps the girls to reason, become fluent in their understanding, and, to become increasingly effective problem solvers. We do not view Maths as a performance subject, and we value resilient investigative skills over the rote learning of procedures and memorisation.

Maths is not about speed, nor is it solely about calculations. To quote Conrad Wolfram, "Learning by rote is not the answer – unlocking the creative power of problem-solving is what will enthuse British schoolchildren and make them world-class".



 Rachael Vaughan   Head of Mathematics