At Bute House our aim is to foster a love of Physical Education through pupils experiencing the enjoyment of learning new physical skills; playing competitive sports; taking part in a variety of extra- curricular activities; being creative and developing their own expression through movement and dance.

The children are taught the importance of training and keeping fit and generally living a healthy life style. To promote positive attitudes they are taught the importance of fair play and honest competition and the ability to cope with success and failure. The pupils are encouraged to perform to the very best of their ability; to cooperate with others and work as a team to improve both personal and team performance.

All girls have access to the Physical Education curriculum as part of their normal school day. They are also encouraged to take part in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities that are on offer.

There are team practices and sports clubs every day after school. These include netball, swimming, gymnastics, cross country, tennis, athletics, rounders, dance, football, cricket, karate and fencing. The girls enjoy regular sports fixtures against other schools and they also compete successfully at regional and national level.

Bute House is very fortunate to have access to all its sports facilities on site. There is team teaching for all games and swimming lessons which allows us to stretch the able children and give close attention to those girls who find skills more difficult to master.

Overall at Bute House, we aim to be as inclusive as possible while encouraging excellence; to give every child the opportunity to pursue their sporting interests and to achieve their full potential.