Science is taught throughout the school, from Early Years Foundation Stage to Year 6. We aim to develop the girls’ natural sense of curiosity about the world around them and help them to build up a body of scientific understanding and knowledge. The girls are encouraged to formulate questions and to develop ideas on how to arrive at a meaningful answer. In this process they design and perform fair, reliable and controlled experiments, observe and measure, and learn to record their results in tables and graphs. They learn to analyse data and to draw realistic conclusions through critical reasoning and the evaluation of evidence. The girls are encouraged to develop a set of attitudes that promote scientific ways of thinking, including open-mindedness, perseverance, objectivity and a recognition of the importance of team-work. We want them to become effective communicators of scientific ideas, facts and data that affect us all, and to be able to discuss, criticise, analyse and interpret a wide range of evidence.

Bute House is fortunate in having a modern, large and very well-equipped laboratory which is used by the girls from Year 4 onwards. Here we carry out a wide range of exciting and challenging experiments, moving out to the school grounds for some of our investigations. Science is also studied on the Year 6 field trip to Devon.

And along the way, we have great fun!