At Bute House, we centralise the use of Information Technology across the entire curriculum. All of the pupils actively participate in lessons in the computer suite, which has recently been installed with new desktop computers. Motivational software has been installed on all of the desktops and the portable networked laptops to support academic progression.

The classrooms are also equipped with wall- mounted SMART boards and projectors and the teachers use visualisers throughout their lessons. Pupils proudly print their work on the inkjet and colour laser printers around the school. We also capture every child’s educational journey on the range of digital cameras, camcorders and a selection of tablets.

Within the Computing curriculum, the pupils develop their computational thinking and programming skills using LegoWeDo, Bee Bots and Rugged Racers. Easi-Speak Walkie-Talkies and Easi-Speak Pro Microphones are embedded throughout speaking and listening activities.

We provide all of the children with exciting I.T opportunities within an inclusive and engaging curriculum.