Each half term from Year 4 upwards the girls elect their Form Leader and their Vice Form Leader.  This is a role of responsibility and the girls are given badges stating their title.

There is also a School Council which consists of four pupils, who are elected by Year 6; the members of the School Council take responsibility for running Council and School Meetings and for keeping minutes of these events. Suggestions are put forward to the School Council by all classes in the school, including the Lower School, and these are then discussed fully.  A regular School Meeting is held by the girls with the Head present, at which these suggestions are aired and comments made and noted.  Any girl from the youngest classes upwards is free to speak at these meetings.  The girls also choose their annual charity at these meetings.  Every girl having a voice is of paramount importance at Bute House.

The School Council are not prefects.  There is no prefect system at Bute House.