The School Council is comprised of a group of six girls from Year 6 who are elected by their peers in Upper School. The Council is led by the President and each other member is assigned a specific role: Communications Director, Lower School Representative, Middle School Representative, Upper School Representative and Treasurer. Each member retains her position for half an academic year, at the end of which the next School Council election takes place.

The main purpose of the Council is to act as a voice for the whole student body, sharing the ideas, concerns and interests of the whole school with teachers and advocating for suggestions that they have to improve the school community. The Council allow the selected pupils to develop leadership and teamwork skills by organising activities and taking a more active role in decisions that affect them.

The Council meets once a week to discuss feedback from peers, upcoming events at school and ways to implement changes. It works alongside the Form and Vice Captains, Bute’s House Committee and staff mentors including Mrs Lowe. The Council also leads whole school assemblies, promotes and participates in school events, helps raise money for the charities that Bute supports and contributes to school spirit and pride.